Baby Holding in Orphanages; Does the Good Outweigh the Bad?

Holding the precious little babies in orphanages is one of the most talked about events for those traveling on short term mission trips or adoption related purposes. We see numbers of children that far surpass the number of care-takers and feel the desire to "love on" the children, especially the infants and toddlers, who are not receiving the same level of affection they'd be receiving if they were in a family.

The heart's desire to cuddle a precious child in an orphanage comes from a pure motivation of wanting to love someone in need. We can't bring them all home, but we want to leave an impressing with the child that they are loved, if even for a moment.

The question is, is it really beneficial? Could it actually be harmful? Does the good outweigh the bad when it comes to baby holding?

Short term visitors holding babies in orphanages is a very complicated topic and I'm going to try to do my best to explain how I feel about it based on my years of experience working actively with orphanages and adoptions in Liberia.

I've had the privilege of writing this is a guest post for my friend's blog, so please click over to Maralee's blog for the complete post!


Kelly Laflin said...

I just read this article and wanted to say thanks so much for writing it. We adopted our daughter from AOH six years ago. As an adoptive Mom, I can understand why you would feel the way you do. Children really need to form attachments at an early age. I appreciate that you would share your heart, even if it is not a popular opinion. It was fun to find your blog- I've known who you are for quite some time. I heard your name a lot around the time we adopted. God Bless!