About Me

Hey there! I'm Melodie, married to Kevin, and mom to Caleb, age 3, and Aleah, age 1. I am passionate about family, cross-cultural missions, and the Word of God. Other areas of interest include Africa, adoption and adoption ethics, social justice, nutrition, music, and helping people know what it looks like to follow Christ in their unique situations.  I blog about these topics and anything God is laying on my heart.

I was raised in West Africa, in the countries of Liberia and the Ivory Coast, as the child of missionaries Mark and Nancy Sheppard. In college I majored in International Studies and went back to Liberia as soon as I graduated, where I worked for 3 years with adoptions, orphanages, and women's discipleship and counseling ministries. In 2010 I married Kevin, another missionary kid from Liberia, who is equally as passionate about cross-cultural missions as I am. We feel with our upbringing, experiences, and burden for Africa, that God has specifically called us to minister to these people. We are missionaries with the Master's Mission and are under the leadership of Wellspring Church (an Acts 29 church). We will be working in Northern Kenya with nomadic herding tribes-people in the town of Loiyangalani. We will be doing community development in conjunction with training and discipleship in the Word of God. Much of my time will be spent making our house a home in a 100+ degree desert and caring for my family. I will also be working alongside the women to help them see what it means to follow Christ in their cultural settings through Bible studies, counseling, and just doing life together. If God opens the doors, I also hope to do foster care, and education in the areas of nutrition and hygiene.

We've spent the last 5 years in the US growing in our marriage, family, spiritual lives, and church family as we prepare to go overseas. We are now in the active process of getting to Kenya with a goal departure date of November 2015.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are blessed! 


Linda Watt said...

I had lunch this summer with your mother-in-law and yesterday my daughter shared your blog with me. i was in Liberia for over a year before the civil war and loved my work at the orphanage! I work with an adoption agency in PA and am a missionary in Niger with my family (I'm also an adoptive mom);and work with orphanages and adoptions in Niger.

Linda Watt said...

I know your Kevin's parents as I was in Liberia with them. I also worked in the SOS orphanage while there. My daughter found your blog yesterday and asked if I knew you. I work in adoptions and orphanage ministry in Niger!