About Me

I'm Melodie, married to Kevin, and mom to three precious kids. We live and work in a remote village in Northern Kenya as missionaries. Practically this looks like being neighbors and friends with some wonderful Kenyans and partnering with the local church to bring hope to those who don't know Jesus. My relationship with Jesus Christ is not only my reason for living, but it's why I've given up the American dream and found a life filled with purpose, giving myself to love those in hard places. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, and invited Jesus into my life as a child, last year God transformed my life and I now live to share about the hope and healing that can be found in a dynamic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm far from perfect, but I hope to point you to the one who perfectly loves you and can radically change your life.


Linda Watt said...

I had lunch this summer with your mother-in-law and yesterday my daughter shared your blog with me. i was in Liberia for over a year before the civil war and loved my work at the orphanage! I work with an adoption agency in PA and am a missionary in Niger with my family (I'm also an adoptive mom);and work with orphanages and adoptions in Niger.

Linda Watt said...

I know your Kevin's parents as I was in Liberia with them. I also worked in the SOS orphanage while there. My daughter found your blog yesterday and asked if I knew you. I work in adoptions and orphanage ministry in Niger!